Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

New vendors should email info@ggaproductions.org with:

  • Business Name:
  • Contact:
  • Cell phone:
  • Mailing Address:
  • Product Description/2 Photos:
  • Texas Sales Tax #, if applicable:
  • List of desired events:
  • Indoor or Outdoor booth; Size of booth (when applicable):


All booth sales are final. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend, you either forfeit your booth fee or, if given two weeks notice, GGA Productions (GGA) will attempt to resell your booth. If resold, then you may be rolled to another event, based on availability. Vendors may not sublet/transfer their vendor booths to another vendor. If GGA cancels an event and doesn't offer another event to offset it, then the vendor may either be refunded or rolled to another event. GGA has 10 business days to issue a refund in such instances. If there is a natural disaster and the venue is made unusable, then GGA will reschedule the event at another venue, offering to either roll vendors to that rescheduled location or another event. If a vendor becomes unable to attend an event, they may contact us via email with no less than two weeks notice and then the vendor may pay a $25 administrative fee and be rolled to another event where space is available. A confirmation of this booth roll will be emailed back. Any vendor providing GGA with less than two weeks notice will forfeit their booth fee, but will still be able to book future events. Any vendor that simply "no shows" will forfeit their booth fee and no longer be allowed to book future events with GGA. Any "no shows" will also forfeit any other events that were booked with no refund.

Event locations may be changed for a variety of reasons, GGA will communicate with vendors via email for any cancellations, reschedules or venue relocations. Booth space purchased as "specials" are not eligible for refunds, reschedules only.

Event dates, times, and locations are subject to change. In the event a vendor has booked and paid for an event, and the event is moved to a different time or location; postponed; or canceled, GGA will provide a replacement booth, of equal or greater value, at a different time and/or location. The details of the replacement event will be confirmed upon mutual agreement between the vendor and GGA.

Replacement booths are not provided when a vendor has defaulted in any way, by failing to show up, by arriving after vendor check in or vendor set up has ended, or by behaving in a way that is threatening, slanderous, libelous, or otherwise damaging to GGA, including GGA shows, GGA owners, or GGA officers/staff.

Under no circumstances shall vendor booth fees be refunded, unless GGA chooses to do so in lieu of a replacement booth or booths.

Booths may not be shared or split between two direct sales companies. One product line per booth. If you were approved to sell hand-made jewelry, but want to add wreaths, you must seek approval via email before adding any item to your approved sales list. There is no subletting of booths, meaning that you've sold your booth to another vendor. If a vendor wants to transfer their booth to another rep of the same line, an email must be sent with the new vendor's information, along with a $25 transfer fee per event to be transferred.

Vendors who sign up to sell a specific product line (i.e. Scentsy) agree that is what will be sold.

Children are not permitted at GGA Markets unless they are old enough to work in the booth and a child working in a vendor space must stay in their space and not be allowed to disrupt other vendors, attendees, etc. No dogs, unless they are certified service dogs. Electric is not guaranteed, but may be noted as a request.

GGA does not guarantee any vendor specific sales or attendee numbers. All booths must be claimed by the end of check in. Unclaimed booths will be released to other vendors (at GGA discretion), no refunds for booths not claimed by end of check in. No breaking down prior to the posted market end time. If you break down early and have other events booked, those events will be voided and no refund will be given and no other events will be booked.

We do not tolerate vendors going around complaining about their sales or lack thereof, complaining about other vendors, the promoter, etc.  If there is a problem, please address it with the promoter directly or the vendor directly.

No more than 2 people are to be working in your booth at one time. No soliciting or "suitcase marketing" allowed at any GGA event.

Only one rep from a specific Direct Sales/MLM line (such as Scentsy) will be booked, per market event.

Vendors exhibiting unprofessional behavior (cursing, running unauthorized charges on a customer's credit card, engaging in any violent behavior, etc.) will be asked to leave and will forfeit any other booked markets.

Upon arrival at an event, please look for the "Vendor Check In" table. Please do not enter the event space looking for your booth, as we need to keep track of who has checked in, distribute wristbands, etc. If no one is at the Vendor Check In table, please wait, we will return as soon as we’re finished with the vendor currently being served.

Your booth space will be marked and must include space for you to enter your own booth. Please do not expect your booth neighbor to give up part of their space so that you may enter your booth. You will need to set your booth space up accordingly. If you’re in a 10x10 space and want to use a pop-up canopy, only the frame may be used inside, no canopy covers may be used inside without specific prior permission, as you may not block other vendors. Only vendors placed in an area that will not negatively impact other vendors may use canopy tops on their frames.

We've had an increased number of vendors showing up late. This is problematic for many reasons, so we are now requiring all vendors, regardless of whether your booth is already set up or not, to be in place by 30 minutes before the beginning of the event. Vendors who arrive late will forfeit any application fee and risk not being booked at future events.

For mall markets, no banners/signs may be hung unless affixed to the table itself.  Tables must be covered from top to floor on all four sides, no visible table legs. Table coverings must be fabric, black preferred, no plastic. If a vendor purchases 3 table spaces, that is all the space allocated. If a vendor has a display shelf, that would be used in lieu of a table, can't be taller than 6 ft or wider than 6 ft and not deeper than 30". We do not guarantee electric, if power is essential to a vendor's set up, then they should bring a small, no-noise battery source.  No music may be played at mall markets. Vendors must break down between Sat and Sun, no leaving anything behind, including tables. All excess materials must be stored under the table or back in vendor's vehicle, nothing may be left exposed behind the vendor's table. Vendors need to provide their own folding chair, no camp or lawn chairs. Professional dress is required, no shorts, no t-shirts/tank tops with writing on them, unless company shirts.

We are all put under a great deal of demands at each event. However, at no time is it appropriate for any of us (production team, vendors, attendees, etc.) to use profanity with customers, other vendors or the production team. Anyone doing so will be required to leave the event, no refunds given.

Smokers: We do ask that all smokers smoke away from all building entry ways and outdoor vendors.

Damages: Any vendor that damages a venue or other vendor’s property or property of GGA will be held liable for said damages. This includes putting scratches on floor. Items should not be dragged across floors, but carried.